July 2010

For many companies, Gartner’s Magic Quadrant is like that exam you desperately want to ace, but you have a nagging feeling that the professor may have already decided your grade.  While it may seem that there are many factors out of your control, there are definite steps you can take that do make a difference.  […]

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What is your online presence saying about you? Probably more than you realize. Public is the new private and as we see a new focus on personal branding, we are also entering the new age of too much public information. There’s no such thing anymore as a dividing line between business and pleasure. If you’re using […]


Getreu dem Motto “There’s an app for that” bietet Apple im iTunes Store extra zur Fußball-Weltmeisterschaft in Südafrika eine Vuvuzela-App für das iPhone an. Keine Frage, mobile Apps liegen weltweit voll im Trend. Doch wie steht es konkret um die Beliebtheit des mobile Web in Deutschland und seinen Nachbarländern? Dieser Frage ist Accenture im „Mobile […]


Being a financial person in a company predominantly consisting of PR people has proven to be an interesting career dynamic for me. Not too dissimilar, I suppose, from my experience of being a musician, yet making a living as an accountant. I do enjoy the whole left-brain, right-brain dichotomy. One observation I’ve made over the […]

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