January 2011

That’s the way it can feel online these days. Between mundane Twitter and Facebook status updates, self-serving corporate blog posts, and SEO content, it seems that everyone’s voice is trying to be heard. Today’s web can be so noisy, it’s hard to pick out the melodies.  While unlimited access to information can be empowering, the […]


As the US tech industry’s annual newgizmopalooza wraps up, we’re thinking about the PR benefits and liabilities of participating in such a huge event. CES, like its bigger brother CeBIT in Germany, has come to be regarded as a necessary evil by veteran PR people and journalists alike. Pricey hotel rooms, crowded flights, long cab […]

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Could 2011 be the year in which technology makes spam become invisible? Could one of the scourges of electronic communications disappear from sight? It’s an optimistic prediction but maybe in the not-too-distant future, we’ll get all nostalgic about those Nigerian 419 scam emails and those almost irresistible offers. Why? Because the gamekeepers are catching up […]