July 2011

Iā€™m always on the lookout for reliable and affordable evaluation suppliers that I can recommend to clients to help measure the results of their traditional PR and social media activities. It can sometimes feel like negotiating the right power deal. Do we really need gas, electricity, some eco-friendly bells and whistles, or a combination of […]


It’s easy to forget how simple communication really is. At its most basic, communication can be a single sound, smell or touch that reliably conveys meaning to the receiver: The church bell crashing into Cinderella’s dreams, telling her “Get up, you say, time to start another day” A faint recognized smell of infection, stomach acids, […]


So farewell, then, News of the World. You were the UK’s biggest selling newspaper – and arguably the most entertaining, too (in the style of E. J. Thribb). It’s the story that’s sending shock waves across the worldwide media industry. That most venerable of UK newspapers, the News of the World, more-or-less affectionately known by […]

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