August 2011

The financial markets are in turmoil, Government borrowing in countries such as Greece, Portugal and the US is enhancing the downward spiral of stock markets around the world – and the tech titans are shelling out crazy money. Google is spending $12Bn on acquiring half of Motorola. Microsoft is handing over $8.5Bn to get Skype. […]


I’ve been thinking a lot about community this week, with family and friends living in the Clapham, Croydon and Liverpool areas of England, all of which are making the international news this week as the scenes of teenage rioting, criminal damage to homes and businesses, and widespread looting. The dramatic change in London’s PR image, […]


A terrible freeway accident; a young child dies; and in the aftermath, over $800,000 is donated to provide clean water to people in developing nations. Social media and the rapid travel of news via the internet have helped put a silver lining on an otherwise very dark cloud. Rachel Beckwith was inspired by charity: water […]

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