October 2011

After a couple of scathing posts about RIM’s disastrous handling of its recent service outage, I’d fully intended to let sleeping dogs lie… until the company’s “customer compensation”  offer brought tears to my eyes. I’m not sure if these were tears of laughter, with RIM offering a bunch of GAMES like Texas Hold ‘em Poker […]


And the clear winner of the PR failure of the week is…  Research In Motion. Following the catastrophic and still rather mysterious BlackBerry service failure, the outbursts of emotion have been extraordinary – both from disgruntled BlackBerry users and from smug iPhone fanbois. Yet the Great BlackBerry Failure of 2011 should not be trivialized by […]


Dear Jim and Mike, I wanted to write and send this on my BlackBerry – but since the service is still offline, I can’t. I’m amazed by how badly your PR is handling the BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) outage that currently appears to be blanketing the whole of Europe, the Middle East and Africa. My […]