May 2012

As you will certainly not have failed to notice, Facebook’s IPO didn’t go as planned. Here’s an executive summary: It was the highest-priced tech IPO of all time The stock rose for a few hours on the first day of trading, then turned tail On the second and third days, the stock tanked – although […]


We’re hiring in Germany. And since we’re looking for someone who is fully au fait with social media, what better place to announce our plans than on the agency’s blog? In fact, it’s likely that the successful candidate won’t just be reading this blog in the future, but also contributing. As a progressive employer we’re […]


As someone who loves high-tech almost as much as I love science fiction, it’s been something of an eye-opener to realize that the two have an often-awkward relationship. And this is especially the case for movies or TV shows – watch them again, 10, 20, 30 or even 40 years after they were made, and […]