Fewer Words, More Pictures Please!

A picture may speak a thousand words, but frequently in corporate and product communications it is all too easy to stick with what PR knows best – often that means way too many words, and not enough visual aids.

Perhaps this picture will change as more digital natives join the business, but they often don’t have the personal credibility and business experience to convince a committee of management and client ‘old dogs’ of the value of visual communications ‘new tricks.’ Add an international dimension, as is often the case for OnPR clients, plus differences in national approaches. Various technology trust and comfort levels, device access, and of course prejudices (eg. professional-quality video is too expensive!) also come to the fore.

That said, businesses are under huge pressure to differentiate their offerings in customer-relevant and compelling ways – and this becomes harder and more fragmented the deeper we delve into a world of social networking and online communication. Today, if they are to succeed in winning colleagues and clients away from needless, often counterproductive, verbosity, then companies need affordable, easy-to-use, professional quality – and an ideally interactive sandbox in which to experiment with image and video. This should help to reduce objections to ideas before they can be proven.

For anyone who has tried (and possibly failed) to sell in more creative approaches to communications programs – such as using video instead of text – our client TechSmith has the answer, as it launches Camtasia Studio 8 today. Designed to create powerful, professional videos for education, training, marketing and sales at a fraction of the cost and simpler-to-master than high-end alternatives, Camtasia Studio 8 highlights include:

  • Ease of use in creating professional-looking videos on your PC – with the ability to add neat touches like embedded quizzes to drive engagement and interactivity, and test understanding
  • Onscreen hotspot capabilities allowing you to embed hyperlinks within any video, helping move viewers to the most relevant call to action
  • Produced videos can be viewed flexibly with Flash or HTML5, and can be watched on iPads and iPhones, Android devices , plus of course laptops and PCs
  • TechSmith’s new Smart Player eliminates the need to wade through the mire of choosing a video format: just produce your video, and the software will ensure compatibility on a wide range of devices

By opening up video production to a much wider range of potential users, this mitigates some of the potential objections from colleagues and clients – particularly cost, professional quality and ease-of-use – and underlines that video is a viable communications alternative.

Ronna PorterOnPR

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