Going UP In The World

It’s finally on sale in Europe – the Jawbone UP, a tech gadget I’ve been coveting for months.

As a desk warrior who is currently trying to get fit(ter), this is a product that fits my lifestyle, and will hopefully help with tips on how to improve my overall health.

Although I’m not (knock on wood) in danger of dropping dead, of course I could do with more exercise and a healthier lifestyle, starting by being more selective about what I eat, and tracking how many steps I’m taking per day. My colleague Ronna Porter recently highlighted to our team how, for the sake of their health, everyone should be aiming for 10,000 steps a day. The Jawbone UP is going to keep me to this, and I’m sure our family dog will also appreciate longer walks!

The UP is a great example of usable, wearable tech, and I’m expecting it to have a positive impact on my life. It’s also going to be fun (at least at first) to have a better reason to photograph my food than simply pasting it on Facebook.

Jawbone’s device comes complete with the option to output to Twitter and Facebook, but I’ll be keeping my results private for now, although I’ll perhaps share them with my doctor.

I’ll post an update once I’m up and running (no pun intended), meanwhile I’d love to hear the experiences of fellow UP users.

Simon Jones – Managing Director, OnPR

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