How mediagenic is your company?

Just as some people are more photogenic than others, some companies and stories are more mediagenic (attractive to the media) than others. Mediagenic stories have a better chance of getting covered.

Take the quiz and find out how “mediagenic” your company is:

1. Does your company or product solve a big problem?
If the problem costs more than a billion, take 5 points

2. Does your company solve a problem that impacts many people?
If more than 10 million people have the problem, take 5 points.

3. Do you have a vision for the future that people care about?
If your vision will improve the lives of more than 10 million people, take 5 points

4. Can your company share new or surprising data?
If yes, take 3 points.

5. Do you have a dramatic story to tell, with a climax and resolution?
If yes, take 2 points

6. Is your company a large publicly-traded firm?
If yes, take 5 points.

7. Do you have unusual customers?
If so, take 1 point.

8. Do you have Fortune 500 customers or competitors?
If so, take 3 points.

9. Are you engaged in a tough competitive battle?
If so, take 1 point.

10. Do you have a visual story?
If so, take 2 points.

11. Do you have an executive who is charismatic, expert and articulate?
If so, take 2 points.

12. Are there broad trends that are relevant to your company?
If so, take 2 points


So how does your company and story measure up?

What is your company’s “Mediagenic Score”?

Jessica FooteOnPR, Portland

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