mGive: The m Stands for Mobile and Many

mGive contacted OnPR to gain attention for their position as a mobile donations category pioneer and thought leader. Less than four weeks later, devastation from the massive earthquake in Haiti highlighted the mGive story and the power of their platform.

After the first stories about the disaster appeared, reporters became interested in the growing momentum for text donations that circulated on social media sites. OnPR worked with our client mGive to tell reporters about how text donations work, the history and the potential of using mobile devices to achieve social good. Our key message was that mobile donations make it quick and easy for everyday people to give to a cause they care about, whenever and wherever the urge strikes. And by making it easy for people to give, mobile donations have the potential to increase the number of people who give, and over time to increase the amount of money available to non-profits for social good.

The story was told again and again by the likes of the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, PBS Newshour, Rachael Maddow, the Boston Globe and hundreds of other media. We worked closely with other organizations involved in the mobile donation ecosystem with mGive, including wireless service providers, the US State Department, the Red Cross and the Hope For Haiti Now benefit concert organizers.  It was inspiring to hear stories from mGive about consumers who found out about text donations from the stories they read. This included an 83-year-old who wanted to celebrate his birthday by sending his first-ever text message to donate, but he did not know how to text. The woman who was laid off from her job but said she could still afford to donate $10. Or the college student who was cramming for tests who kept receiving text messages to ‘HAITI’. It turns out that her mobile number was similar to the 90999 number and people were texting her in error. She felt compelled to contact each one to tell them about their mistake and tell them the right way to make a text donation, so their money would make a difference.

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