In March, I’ll be moderating a day-long track at what’s shaping up to be Europe’s biggest ever conference on wearable technology – which is a perfect proof point for the statement that the letters PR stand for much, much more than just Press Release. At the Wearable Technology Show in London, I’ll be following the […]


Toasting Truth with Pink Martini

In the early days of American television game shows, a program called “To Tell the Truth” tried to stump viewers and a celebrity panel. Three contestants answered a series of questions as they worked to convince the audience that they were individuals that held an unusual job, had a unique capability or interesting distinction. Only […]

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Taking leaps and bounds in social media

You dream of stardom. Your mum tells you what a competitive world it is. Your dad tells you it won’t pay the bills. Everyone else thought it was sweet when you wanted to be a ballet dancer at six, but are surprised you still think you can hack it at 16. Your friends try to […]

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Social Media for Start-ups – Chapter 1

I met a friend yesterday who complained how overloaded she is with work. She is busy working for an amazing start-up that’s giving people advice on what clothes to wear and where to buy them. Standard sizes unfortunately are not for all, as everyone’s body is different – and that makes finding the proper clothes a challenge for […]

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The surprising workforce crisis of 2030: What’s your people strategy?

New technologies are changing work styles again. Most significantly, smart mobile technology and home broadband make it easier than ever to work away from the office. The notion that work is somewhere you go is now overshadowed by the concept that it is something you do. As a result, companies construct the working experience of […]

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