In my days as a journalist, I was often face-to-face with people who were, at least, indignant, and at most, stark raving mad about a particular issue. Each of them had contacted their local paper because they wanted everyone to know about the huge injustice they had suffered at the hands of a third party, […]


What happens in Barcelona doesn’t always stay in Barcelona

It might still be several months away, but the annual global gathering of mobilistas in Barcelona tends to creep up, and once you’re past Christmas, it’s a frantic race to the finish.  As with every big trade show, the key to success is meticulous and timely planning… and as we turn our attention to what’s […]

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Polishing Apple’s Shine

We always advise our clients to avoid releasing news when Apple product announcements are planned. The competition for media attention is too great. It appears that the duration of the Apple PR deadzone is getting longer. A look at the day’s news gives ample evidence that Apple coverage momentum has not subsided even more than […]

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When Facebook took the news out of my news feed, it took the Ace out of Facebook

As my Facebook friends may have noticed, I’m on a leave of absence. On July 21, I changed my profile picture and posted a link to the experimental website Less than 14 days in and I’m getting antsy (and I confess, the other day I cracked, and logged in – although I only read the […]

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Munich is Europe’s top tech hub

The European Commission has decided Munich is Europe’s top technology hub. The judgement is delivered in the recently published Atlas of ICT Activity in Europe. The city region beat the two other tier-1-ranked regions – Inner London East and Paris – by a relatively small margin, however the highest number of ranked locations of any […]

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