Business networking should be a way of life and not an emergency escape route when you’re looking for a new job – but why do so many people not realize this until it’s too late? One relatively easy first step is to prepare a simple, authentic LinkedIn profile and start to use it. Therein lies […]


Will they still need you when you’re 64?

Are you over 60? Do you hope to live beyond 60? Do you have parents or grandparents that have lived beyond 60? If your answer to these questions is no, then this post will have no practical value to you. For everyone else, what is your game plan for an economically productive and satisfying life […]

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How much magic can communications do? Social media and company culture.

A while ago, I was commissioned with developing and implementing the first international website of a large, globally acting B2B company. Target groups: the company’s own international offices and its worldwide clients. After the website went live, the users were asked how they got along with it, what they liked and what they missed about […]

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Crisis or Opportunity for ADAC?

When we advise international companies about issues management and crisis communications, preparation to achieve a quick and appropriate ‘right first time’ response is what you aim for. Every company experiences crises of one form or another – many are unavoidable and while measures can be taken to limit the avoidable ones, human errors are made, […]

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PR Inspiration from the Heavens

I happened across this staggeringly beautiful light and dance performance, which reminded me that defining a good story requires 90% inspiration (only 10% perspiration – as long as you are not a dancer!). Taking a distinctive approach – the road less travelled – captures attention, even when otherwise it wouldn’t be given. And holding your […]

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