As it is virtually impossible to walk around the OnPR office without tripping over the Internet of Things these days, or stepping on a digital transformation project of one kind or another, I spotted with interest the new report from Altimeter Group: Consumer Perceptions of Privacy in the Internet of Things, by Jessica Groopman with Susan […]

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What can business learn from dance?

As OnPR is a sponsor of an international youth dance competition, I spent a few hours on International Dance Day trying to get the news out to potential applicants via social media (hopefully at least a few of Jennifer Love Hewitt’s 900,000 Twitter followers are potential young dance stars, as she favorited my Tweet!) It got […]

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Why the future of news is personal

Technology is constantly challenging the way we interact with the world. Here are some examples: the so called ‘shareconomy’ has changed the way we rent apartments, cars, offices; social media has changed the way we discuss and share news; and smart data is changing how companies provide us with information. Likewise affected: the industry that […]

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The Industry 4.0 Buzz Word Rap:

In 1999, at the onset of a new millennium, German rap/pop band Die Fantastischen Vier had a smash hit in the German charts called ‘MfG’. MfG, a popular abbreviation of the closing sentence in letters and emails, was used synonymously as the title of a song that was simply a long list of rapped German […]

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OnPR sponsors international youth dance competition

I wrote last month in the post Taking leaps and bounds in social media that I’d been inspired by the Prix de Lausanne’s webcast coverage of its 43rd international ballet competition. Well, in line with supporting several education-focused initiatives over the years, I’ve committed my time where my mouth is, and OnPR is now supporting a […]

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