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Canadian warships. Godzilla hits Britain. We're all Devo! Ravens in Hollywood. NeXT!

Strangest headline of the year so far

Canadian warships to sail to Louisiana

Godzilla hits Britain

In an article from Japan Today

‘The original Japanese Godzilla movie — with its strong antinuclear message which was lost in the American remake — will be shown at British cinemas for the first time next month. The movie, which was influenced by the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, is being screened in Britain partly because of the 60th anniversary this year of those attacks. The British Film Institute, which is distributing Gojira to several London cinemas in October, also wants audiences to see there is a serious message behind the original monster creation. Some argue this has been lost with the 20 sequels over 50 years and countless rip-offs.’

Are we not men?

holy-card.gif We got to see Devo last night! I did a write up for You can start reading it here, then jump over to for the rest of the article, plus pics!

I am glad this is mostly a visual medium, because I am deaf.

I was not deaf up until about 9:45 Thursday night, which is when the five members of Devo launched into their first song, and I started singing the lyrics at the top of my lungs. Come to think of it, my throat hurts, too. I may be deaf and mute tomorrow.

We had ventured deep into the most heinous bowels of the Orange Empire (‘The more you tighten your grip, the more citrus will slip through your fingers.’), to the House of Blues in Anaheim. Yes, we were in that wretched hive of scum and villany known as Downtown Disney, and it bespeaks what the world is like these days when Devo seemed more normal and real than what was just outside the club’s doors. (As a passing note, it was particularly bittersweet to pass by the ‘savvy representation of New Orleans’, Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen. I just shook my head. The surreality.)

Yes, Devo seemed ‘normal,’ but that was always one of their strengths: despite the carefully crafted image of technological geekdom, they are in fact passionate rockers. And I’m here to tell you, they are still playing as tight as ever. If I had to choose the last thing I heard on this earth, the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see Devo was a good choice. Deafness was a small price to pay….

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Ravens in Hollywood

Another new project hosted here on (though written by someone else) is Ravens in Hollywood

What can you make of a bird that dares to pull the tails of wild wolves, yet flees in terror from a pile of Cheerios?

NeXT Fetishism

Matt brings up a particularly specific obsession of ours: re-creating the serene old-school NeXT interface, and quotes my apt simile for the whole thing. :)

Grown Diaries debut. The century so far. Frank Gehry buildings doomed?

There are a few new projects hovering around the Celsius1414 universe at the moment. The first one I’d like to point to is The Grown Diaries — One man’s life or death struggle with produce.

From the first couple of posts:

‘I have been told by not unreliable authorities that there was a time early in my life when I loved fruits and vegetables. At some undefined point between then and my first coherent memories, my love affair turned bad. I grew to loathe virtually all of them. If it was grown, I likely hated it….’

‘My initial plan for the Grown Diaries is simple: each post will represent my trying a fruit or vegetable that in the past I hated, or one I have never tried. How this will work exactly will take care of itself, as this isn’t about formal rules or elaborate review systems. It might be a single raw item, or it might be prepared, or it might be incorporated into a dish with other ingredients. I might take a picture, or I might just describe it…. I would love it if you would like to share your own stories, either in the comments as time goes by, or by sending me a link to blog entries on the subject. I’ll try to link to others as appropriate.’

UPDATE 2009-11-01: Grown Diaries posts have been added back into

This century sucks so far. Can we get a restart, please? :(

According to this AP story, a pair of local Frank Gehry-designed buildings may be on the way to destruction. (They have no chance to survive make their time.) And no, one of them isn’t the Disney Hall. They are the Santa Monica Place shopping mall, and ‘…a blockish, stucco structure…’ at UCI.

Jeremy Roth, a fourth-year mechanical engineering student, stood in front of the Gehry building on the UC Irvine campus one day this week. "Does this look like an architectural masterpiece to you?" said Roth, 22. "It’s all rusted, the paint’s all messed up. It’s an ugly little building."