Analyst Relations

Deep domain knowledge makes industry analysts highly influential resources for enterprise technology decision makers.  By some measures, industry analysts have far greater targeted influence than even the most widely-read reporters. Their knowledge is shared in several ways, including:

  • Customer inquiries
  • Analyst reports
  • Media briefings and quotes
  • Social media communication and blogs
  • Analyst conferences
  • Vendor engagements

All of these represent opportunities for vendors to share perspectives and seek insights. After decades of experience working with industry analysts, the OnPR team has built a toolbox of services to help vendors leverage the influence of analysts in several ways:

  • Strategic planning
  • Analyst audits and opinion assessments
  • AR training
  • Arrange and facilitate briefings
  • Message testing
  • Press release quotes and media references
  • Securing inclusion in reports
  • Analyst conference strategies
  • Analyst tracking and reporting