Media Relations

Any message is more influential when it comes through an objective filter, like the press. This is the premise of media relations. At OnPR, we make sure that media relations works hand-in-hand with other public relations disciplines to create a consistent image and reputation for our clients. Our team has decades of experience delivering PR results for big and small clients. Successfully “influencing the influencer” requires:

  • Understanding a reporter’s role and motivation
  • Making sure that the story you’re telling is what a reporter wants to hear
  • Sharing news (or creating it)
  • Delivering what the reporter needs, when they need it
  • Knowing that “When” can be as important as “What” and “Who”

OnPR provides a full range of media relations services, including:

  • Strategic planning
  • Media audit/surveys
  • Media training
  • Media tours
  • Maintenance and momentum PR
  • Storytelling workshops
  • Product and company launches
  • Partner and customer stories
  • Business, trade and vertical media programs
  • News release writing and distribution
  • Coverage tracking and reporting