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OnPR is a technology-focused PR agency with deep roots in the IT industry. We have the know-how and the passion to create awareness, distinction and thought leadership for our clients. We understand how a story,  well-told, can literally switch a company’s business results on. Our team delivers results that are on-time, on-budget and on-target for our clients.

Our PR experience spans media relations, financial PR, analyst relations, vertical media relations, social media, financial relations, crisis communications, conference keynotes and panels, broadcast, print and online media. Today, OnPR works with companies involved in enterprise technology, consumer technology and wireless technology. We have crafted global PR strategies, implemented worldwide programs and created core materials for dozens of the world’s leading International technology companies.

OnPR’s team is also expert in helping technology companies expand to Europe, with extensive experience supporting clients that want to succeed in Germany – the world’s second largest market for information technology.

What we do:

  • Our mission is to create compelling, measurable strategic marketing communications programs that stand out from the crowd and really move the needle for our clients
  • Key elements:
    • Creative, strategic thinking
    • Not drinking the Kool Aid
    • Storytelling, messaging and positioning
    • Content creation
    • Compelling PR and Analyst Relations programs
    • Social media and demand-generation support
    • Markets:
      • Major European countries (UK, France, Germany)
      • US and Canada
      • Beyond that via an extensive global partner network

What we love:

  • Working with smart companies who are changing the world
  • Moving the goalposts to benefit our clients
  • Teamwork: Seamless integration
  • Dreaming and making fantastic ideas come true
  • Thinking up and telling great stories
  • Seeing our plans come to fruition in terms of deliverables for our clients
  • Helping executives on positioning and with communications coaching
  • Focusing on the 20 percent that makes a difference

Why we’re special:

  • We have that rarefied Tier 1 in-house and agency expertise
  • Focus on the enterprise: We work with some of the biggest names in the business
  • The personal touch and attention to detail that is only possible when working with small agencies
  • Our passion for social media, and the experience to match
  • Our deep love for (and understanding of) all things tech
  • Our Trans-Atlantic team: Presence in the UK, mainland Europe and the US, providing follow-the-sun support
  • Our cost-effective model: Pay for what you need

How it all plays out:

  • Global, integrated multi-channel communications programs that really work
    • From individual components to integrated campaigns
    • Crisis and issues planning and management (but our lips are sealed)
    • Sparring partners who will always challenge you – in the interests of doing the right thing
    • Outsourced communications program management to seamlessly extend in-house capabilities
    • Creating and executing memorable campaigns
    • More focused results, consistent quality and fantastic value in comparison to the large PR networks


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Jody Peake, Portland



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