Polishing Apple’s Shine

We always advise our clients to avoid releasing news when Apple product announcements are planned. The competition for media attention is too great. It appears that the duration of the Apple PR deadzone is getting longer.


A look at the day’s news gives ample evidence that Apple coverage momentum has not subsided even more than a week after its most recent launch event. In the weeks leading up to the Apple iPhone, wallet and watch launch, reporters speculated whether Apple’s Tim Cook would be able to maintain the Apple magic, post-Jobs.

The “day-of” announcement news assessed the product features, whether Cook had the showmanship chops to pull off his new role, and whether U2 had jumped the shark.

The post-announcement news cycle stories focused on pre-orders for the new devices. And to top it off, lots of attention was devoted to the U2 uninstall tool that Apple released to enable people to remove their album from their iTunes account.

Beyond the stories about Apple’s product announcements and company strategies, there was the behind-the-scenes Apple PR news angle. Advance stories predicted how Apple PR would control the story, and post-event articles analyzed how they made the story sing. There was even an article that analyzed why the press care so much about Apple.

Now, the Apple media love-fest continues as Tim Cook goes on the offensive against Google’s business model and talks about privacy, news about Apple security, Apple TV and wearable technology. It’s enough to make a non-Apple company go stealth.


 September 19, 2014

By Jody Peake – CEO of OnPR, Inc.

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