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Smartphone network tree I’ve noticed an increasing number of articles discussing the growing proportion of marketing budgets being allocated to mobile. The German magazine Internet World is just one noting mobile marketing as a key trend for 2014, medications saying that in 2013 the mobile segment grabbed 14.3 billion U.S. dollars –  a 2.8 percent share of the total global advertising spend in 2013. While this is still relatively small, approved rapid growth of over 50 percent annually demonstrates its increasing relevance. In fact, by 2015 mobile should have more than doubled its share of the advertising pie to six percent, according to an Advertising Expenditure Forecast by the German media agency ZenithOptimedia Group. “Advertising always follows its target audiences. Indeed, we are at the beginning of a second digital revolution. The PC was the initial technology, but now the target audience is increasingly mobile, so mobile screens are the first screen they see.”

So what possibilities does mobile advertising offer web shop owners and marketing managers, and what are the important considerations? What do mobile advertising ‘great result’ versus ‘poor show’ look like? What degree of user-friendliness of mobile websites is desired? What is important for mobile Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so that the message gets through? What difficulties do companies face with mobile newsletters?Business statistic concept - financial charts on tablet PC

The same is true when talking about mobile PR. What is more, journalists are struggling because there is so much information to deal with in too short a time-frame, and with fewer available resources. Also, content is developed very quickly and the cycles to write up new stories are often shorter and shorter. Find relevant information, filter and add value (fast!): these are the key elements of their daily work. These activities also require a willingness to be mobile and flexible in the editorial department.

Just as well, nearly 80 percent of journalists have a smartphone and use it on the job about 80 percent of their time while using apps as a basic tool of their job, according to a study by the Maisberger Research Institute.

What about you? Have you started thinking of a mobile PR campaign for your company? Do you periodically have news to share with your customers? Have you worked on a strategy in case of having bad news?


Conchita Miller

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