Telling Tales

A great story can do a lot of the heavy lifting for PR.

OnPR worked with Decho to announce their name change and the merger with EMC’s Mozy online backup service. The agency arranged for our clients to meet with reporters, including writers at Newsweek, BusinessWeek, the Wall Street Journal, Tech Crunch and others. Prior to the announcement, Mozy had been working with consumers to line up some data loss horror stories. They found some shocking, instructive and entertaining anecdotes from people who had suffered unlucky data losses. Their stories involved animals — dogs, crows and ants — fires, thieves, cars and Wiis.

One of the best was how Mozy’s automatic online backup thwarted a laptop thief by backing up his photos and documents without his knowledge. The real owner was ultimately able to monitor his backup files, and handed police a name, address and photo!

One of the reporters we met wanted to tell the story as the lead-in for his article. Another spoke with a couple of the users about their experiences. The resulting stories in BusinessWeek and Newsweek set a new record for web traffic and sign-ups for our clients. Spending time to find the hidden stories can result in a happy ending for press coverage.

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