The Man Behind The Curtain

As a PR guy, much of my time is spent behind the scenes, preparing and planning for things that might (or might not) happen in the future, and then, on the day, helping to guide and coordinate the actions of others in the front line. So from time-to-time it’s very refreshing – and perhaps even a little intimidating – to step out as the Man Behind the Curtain.

That’s part of the reason why I enjoy pro bono work with Mobile Monday, as a Founder (board) member of the Munich chapter. As in many other countries around the world, MoMo in Germany is thriving, with attendance at evening events running into the hundreds.

I’ll be MCing the next MoMo event in Munich, which happens the day after the soccer World Cup final, on Monday July 12th. Under the umbrella topic “One Internet”, we’ll be discussing how the lines of demarcation between the mobile and fixed interwebs are fading – taking a look at what and why this is happening, and asking what could happen next.

Our big draw on the night is one of the most influential telecom industry technologists in Europe: Thomas Aidan Curran, CTO for software at Deutsche Telekom. You might already know that Deutsche Telekom is Germany’s third-largest software house today – but do you know what’s next, why DT has formed the “Software Factory”, or how it will become a disruptive technology? Come along on July 12th to find out more.

We’re still looking for additional speakers for the event, and of course sponsors (Calling all sponsors: there are compelling opportunities! Contact me at MoMo appeals to a wide and eclectic audience, with all things mobile as the common thread – so if you’re looking for a catalyst event to help spread the buzz, Follow the Yellow Brick Road!

Simon Jones

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