What happens in Barcelona doesn’t always stay in Barcelona

It might still be several months away, but the annual global gathering of mobilistas in Barcelona tends to creep up, and once you’re past Christmas, it’s a frantic race to the finish.  As with every big trade show, the key to success is meticulous and timely planning… and as we turn our attention to what’s going to help make the news at MWC next March, so some of the memories also start flooding back: the dinner that went well; the briefing that didn’t and the acquaintance who lost their phone, passport and wallet to muggers.

We also realized that many of the more colorful stories never make it beyond being re-told over late night drinks – but they deserve a wider audience.
That’s why we’ve created a new blog, MWCTales, which is hosted at wordpress.com. So far we’ve only just made a start in collecting some of the adventures that, at the time, may not have seemed funny, but now you’re able to look back, the humor is easier to appreciate.

We’re not the only ones who have had adventures at shows like MWC, so we’re also opening up the blog to your submissions – and we’re happy to share these stories under anonymity to protect the 
culprits. We hope you enjoy reading some of the more hair-raising stories and look forward to more in the run-up to the 2015 event, which – in case you hadn’t noticed – breaks with tradition by moving away from February and into early March.
See you in Barcelona?

By Simon Jones


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