When business and personal worlds collide…

Next week I’ve got the honor of participating in sister conferences that appeal to my personal interests as well as my professional outlook. I’m in Los Angeles, where I’m delighted to have been invited to chair some panel sessions at both the Wearable Tech Expo on Tuesday/Wednesday, and Monday’s Fitness and Sports Tech Expo.

Cyber businessAs well as some serious nerding with the latest and greatest in wearable technology, I’ll be taking the chance to catch up with some of the leading lights in this emerging market sector, ahead of next month’s CES in Las Vegas, where you can expect a bevy of #WT launches.

I’ve been blogging about #WT for a few months, and so far, proud to say that two of my predictions for CES have come true – let’s see if any more come to fruition next week in Hollywood.

The title of this post is “When business and personal worlds collide”, because I’m always thrilled when I can even get paid for messing around with stuff that should be called a hobby. Maybe that’s even taxable …

By Simon Jones


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